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Markers: Broad or Fine?

Broad or fine markers for Kindy/1st grade  

  1. 1. Broad or fine markers for Kindy/1st grade

    • Only broad
    • Mostly broad, with a few fine
    • 50/50 Mix
    • Mostly fine, with a few broad
    • Only fine

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If you were going to stock up for Kindy/1st grade, which would you buy? I've always felt like the fine-tip markers dry out or run-out of ink too fast, but I know we will get to a point where the fine tips will be needed more than the broad. With school supplies beginning to go on sale, I'm working on my list.

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I buy the fat Crayola markers in the 3 different color themes. Classic, bright, multicultural


Since they are expensive, I don't have to buy the multicultural every year, they last a long time. I usually only put 3 in a broad color range in the marker bucket and keep the others for when those dry up. I keep the others in the supply cupboard.


I buy one pack of classic Crayola fine tips for details and writing, but they stay in the box in the supply cupboard so they don't get trashed by someone coloring with them.


Then I buy a large package of the Crayola Super Tips



I only buy Washable for the kids until they are in 3rd grade or so. I have nice art markers for 'real projects' for when they want to use them.

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What I've found is that my DD tends to do her drawing with pencil and then fill in large areas with marker, so I buy mostly large tip crayolas, with a few fine point for lettering, where she often prefers gel pens. I also get one very expensive multi-colored pack of sharpies for crafts and the like where crayolas don't work.

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