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Something to think about....If your teen/young adult was trying to drive someplace

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and could not find said place and their cell phone was not charged or out of minutes to call you or "someplace" for clarification on directions. What would they do?



Honestly, would they know they can go into an business and ask to use their phone? Would they ask a complete stranger? Would they drive all the way home to get directions?


How did I fail my son that he did not think to go into a nearby business and instead chose to drive 15miles home to directions missing a very important meeting:confused::001_huh:

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Did he not realize he could do those things or was he just too embarrassed. The whole men don't ask for directions thing.



LOl....I was hoping I raised him to know better. He said he checked google map before he left. I asked if he looked at the numbers on the buildings...... He does has a slight defense in that the number was on the door only not facing the street (the number being in the 820) and the building next to it was marked 910 and a road and no buidling for another block or two on the other side. that would was confusing to me also but I had more familarity of the area so we figured it out but it was to late. If he had stopped and asked or atleast stopped and used a phone to call us.

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When ds was left at the bus station in a strange city and no one came to pick him up, he had no cell and no $ with him. I have to say I was proud of him for asking multiple strangers and going into multiple businesses to use the phone.


Not one freakin' person or business let him, of course...


But he asked.


(And he did end up finding a pay phone and using it--God Bless Asheville NC for having at least one left.)


Survival skills are important!

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