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Questions on K12 Materials


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I wanted to ask about both their Concise History of US and their Classics for Young Readers.


I've heard several people here say that the Concise History is a really good option for American History. How long does it take to get through four volumes... is it a one year course in total, or two? Is there anywhere online that I can find samples or see inside the book? I haven't been able to find any.


As for the readers, has anyone used these? I can't find samples of these either but they sound interesting. We will mostly just use literature for our reading this year, but having something like this on hand for variety appeals to me.


ETA: Never mind on the samples for the readers... found them at CBD. But would still like opinions!!


Any thoughts appreciated, as well as any ideas to see samples. Thanks!! :)

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well, I don't have particular information about the K12 Classics for Young Readers but followed your link to look at their LA program, and noticed 2 resources on their list I esp. wanted to highlight. You did say "any thoughts"! :) ... please let me know if you'd have preferred I not post this ...


First, for grades K and 1 they use books from the Junior Great Books program. I have just discovered these resources this summer, and they look wonderful -- I found them as suggested support for a William & Mary Center for Gifted Education unit we're doing in the fall. The Junior Great Books are for learners of all levels, with rich literature and (in the teacher's guides) some differentiated instruction support provided. The positive: the reading selections seem excellent, and I really really like the teacher's guides too; also you can download samples. The negative: the program revolves around "guided inquiry" with groups of children working together in discussion. This cannot be replicated at home, unless you form a bookclub, but I plan to adapt the materials to our situation.


The other K12 resource I recognize, also listed as support material for our CFGE course, is the Wordly Wise program. When I looked at this earlier I was unimpressed by the reviews, but seeing that it is also listed on that very strong K12 resource guide I am reconsidering. It is not inexpensive, though perhaps the student books can be used alone -- for us entering second, the student book is $11 and the teacher guide is $45. They do have an older version of Wordly Wise 3000 discounted until August 31 ...

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