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Bringing a frozen meal to someone

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For myself, it would depend on whether the friend would have other help, or if I thought maybe I was the only one.


If you know they will also have other people bringing them meals, then I'd bring it frozen, with directions.


If you think there aren't many people who will be helping the family, then I'd bring it baked and ready to go. Usually what I do (when I can), is call the family in the morning and ask if it would be convenient for me to bring them a meal. I usually ask what time they usually eat, and then arrange to bring it shortly before that time, all ready to eat.


Either way is fine though, and I'm sure it will be appreciated!

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I would take it unbaked with directions on how to cook it. Yum! Your friend is very lucky to have a friend like you. :D


:iagree: when we got our boys one of the ladies in church brought a ton of frozen stuff for us - casseroles, homemade spaghetti sauce, etc. It was wonderful. She was an awesome cook, too.

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