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Need hobby ideas for teen boys...

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I have one who fishes and is great at it... but there are days he cannot go to the docks and is at home and he gets restless, needing something to do...


I have two who play tennis, but 4 days a week for a couple of hours... they need more to "do"...


One is old enough and responsible to head to the docks and washes boats for hire and is usually occupied... but, there are days he doesn't and sits to play video games for hours...


They all have chores.


I don't have discretionary income to spend on hobbies... but if the money goes a long way... or if I spend a little to get them started and it takes hold and gives them something to do, I would...


I just run out of ideas for what they can do. Outside "stuff" has to be early or late day because of the heat.


Sometimes I think they could: refurbish older bikes and donate them to children we know.... work on a puzzle, but that only works for one or two of them... and then I am just plain ol' out of ideas...


Any ideas??? Thanks!

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My 15yo nephew just spent the week with us, and he got "bored" (tragically). We ended up giving him a few golf clubs and some plastic practice golf balls and let him whack balls back and forth in the backyard. We followed it up with a trip to the driving range.


You can pick some up at Goodwill or Salvation Army for a buck or two, and the balls are super cheap. I'm not saying the game of golf is inexpensive, but it keeps them busy. When nephew got home, he picked up clubs at Goodwill and is continuing to play in his own backyard.

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Maybe look for volunteer opportunities in an area that interests them?




My daughter is volunteering at a library (several towns over) for the 2nd year and next year is going to volunteer also at a semi-local museum (they give you a stipend toward gas :001_smile:)

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