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They have Facebook, I have the Hive!!

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Shamelessly asking for your votes. No sign up needed.. just four quick clicks. Several kids are in the final voting because of their parents Facebook friends (and I haven't very many) and while dd8 needs to learn that some things are just a popularity contest and life stinks that way sometimes.. It still bugs the stuffin' out of me=D


However, there are some very good posters on here too so please vote for the poster you like. (but in case you were wondering my dd is Julieann age 8 She is not artsy but she did work very hard and I thought she was very creative=)


Click 1


Click 2

Down on the left sidebar, click through to the blog(the button says A Journey Through Learning and it's directly under the words "Join Our Blog")

Click 3

Choose a poster you like and click on the name

Click 4

Click Vote


Thanks for taking the time!



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I voted, too, but why do they have such a wide age range competing against each other? Poor 4 yr. old Aiden has to compete with 14 yr. old Harmony? Doesn't seem fair. :confused:

:iagree: As a mother, I would much rather them have split the prize up and given out $10 gift cards in each of the three categories than 1 big prize. (Although I think Aiden did an amazing job for age 4=) It's not the prize, it's the doing and my dd learned alot about how to do something simple(focus) but still looks nice, using lined paper under her main page so her writing was straight.etc. and I was just so proud of her! But still it's nice to win too=D

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