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S/o from gf thread- easy crockpot meals.

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I have a big crockpot (5-6qt?) and have a problem finding gf, large, 8-10 hour, no cream of, leaning towards grain free recipes.


I do chicken with garlic and onion stuffed up the butt and cooked with carrots, potatoes, and anything else i have on hand then covered with some chicken broth and water.


This is about all i do right now.


I *need* to use it every thursday. We have to leave the house by 745-750 and have dinner at 430. I am home for a bit every other thursday from 1015-1245, but would rather not have to worry about dinner then.


I have tried shredded bbq pork but it was nasty (too watery).


What else do you do?

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I do brisket with different types of peppers/onions/taco seasonings/cilantro/lime juice and serve it on tortillas


Pulled pork (pork+BBQ sauce) in the crockpot is like crack for dh. I send him to the store for something like toilet paper and he comes home with pork shoulder! I could probably use some recommendations for treatment centers. :crying: He saw me start it one day and exclaimed, "That's it!?!?!?!?" next thing I know we are having it at least once a week. :crying:


I got this link from pinterest, it is for freezer meals but there are some decent sounding ideas



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Roasts are great in the crockpot, grain-free, and easy to do without strange ingredients.


I have a menu planning ebook I sell, but the free sample page you can download on my site (http://www.simplifiedpantry.com -- scroll to the bottom) has 8 variations on a crockpot roast and different serving ideas so it doesn't always seem like you're eating the same thing. :)


I also do tons of soups in the crockpot, but only in October-March. :) During those months I probably do 2 soups a week. A surprise favorite is a beef soup bone, soaked black beans, diced onions and carrots, and just enough water to cover it all (so it's thick). Cook all day, then mash the beans some with a potato masher or immersion blender. Sometimes I add roasted red peppers and I'll even serve that to guests. Oh, and of course, pull out the bone before mashing the beans. :)

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Can you have chili? I don't know if the spice packet has gluten...


Anyway you do:

1 lb ground beef, browned

1/2 a roll of sausage, browned (optional)

1/4 cup ea diced onion and green pepper

1 can diced tomato

1 to 2 cans chili beans (or use dried beans to avoid canned)


Mix it with a chili packet, I use mccormicks and I'd check the pack for you but I cleaned out my pantry and gave it to my mom, and cook all day. We love it, but it's not really a summary dish.

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Have you looked at Crockpot 365?



all recipes on her website and in her 2 books are gluten free. The author has celiac I believe. I have both her books, but you can get the recipes on the website I think. She puts both successes and failures on the website and critiques the recipe.


:iagree: All of her recipes are gluten free, and most are on the website. I have her first book, and I think there were only 2 recipes we tried that we didn't like.

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