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Alternative to Yahoo groups

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I'm trying to update the website for the local HS support group. Right now, our calendar and membership database is on Yahoo. I'd like to try something different though. Being able to pay for membership and field trips online would be a HUGE benefit for us. Are there any sites that would help me do this?

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Yes, I'm looking into that also. Do members typically accept the Paypal fees and the fee for the website? I'm afraid there would be some loud grumbles that such a big portion of the dues is going to a website, but I'm one who loves forums and the ease of current websites (obviously since I spend so much time here!).

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meetup.com, however there is a charge, but there is a calendar, payments option for dues, payment options for field trips/meetups, RSVP tools, and a message board. It's pretty cool.


ETA: If your group already has a website, you can add a forum to your website and a shopping cart too. If they don't, could you create a website and add those things to it? Just a thought.

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