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TOG users....really need some help with rhetoric

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If you use TOG for a rhetoric student, would you mind sharing how you schedule your studies? I'm transitioning two 15-year olds from dialect, and I'm not sure how to effectively cover literature along with history. If you're so inclined, would you share your detailed plan on a week-to-week basis? :001_smile:

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:bigear: I will also be transitioning 2 dc from D- to R- level next year in TOG (Y4 - what about you?). I'm not so worried about comprehension for R-history, but I think there is going to be an adjustment to the amount of reading and Qs to answer.


The literature has me a bit more concerned, but the V-Co-op we are joining is going to take it a bit more like a book club and hit the high points in a relaxed manner. I think that is going to be good for us this first year (and maybe even longer since neither dc are headed in a humanities direction). Anything left out that I feel is still important I will cover at home.


Honestly, I don't think we'll be tackling all the Poetics and Frameworks assignments...I don't see ds lasting long with all that is there. My first thought is to read them myself and then distill the most important information for a SHORT lecture.


Not sure how much this helps, but it's a start.

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We are participating in a virtual co-op, which has been a wonderful thing for us because it forces us to be a bit more organized in our work. They had history on Thursday mornings so all of the reading and questions had to be done by then. Monday was usually a heavy history reading day. Literature class was on Wednesday and so all the reading and questions had to be done by then. I usually give them their reading for the next week early so that they can start early if they need to (although they don't usually start early) Then, on Fridays they complete the maps and take the evaluation.


If you are interested in joining a virtual co-op, there is a yahoo group that you can search to see if you can find one on the same year as you.

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