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The drink isn't what you think. An allegory.

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Oh Tequila, you looked so refined,

I believed you to be something benign.


Oh Tequila, you seemed so simple, so smooth,

If I had but known, I'd been more removed.


Oh Tequila, you looked so inviting, so sweet,

Without clearly thinking, I partook of the treat.


With that first taste I was feeling the heat,

As you craftily created your web of deceit.


The second swallow had me feeling the flair,

As you drew me deeper into your lair.


The third round left me decidedly woozy,

As it dawned on me you were a doozy.


Too late, I uncovered the truth at your core,

The worm was revealed and left me floored.


Oh Toxic Tequila, of you songs have been sung,

Can the damage you've dealt be undone?


Oh Toxic Tequila, from you its vital I flee,

You aren't truly fun, you're devouring me.


Oh Toxic Tequila, I believed your veneer,

I realize now I should of stuck with beer.

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Me too! Here's something I just recently wrote:




A million things consume me

how I'm tethered.

Nevermind the storms

already weathered.


They roar up again before me,

big as life.

I sit in silence stabbing

like a knife.


I know I'm just a blip

like all the others.

The secretaries, office girls

and at-home mothers.


I don't want it all to

just jangle on past.

Caught in the tossing current

of life too fast.


To soar out in the free

my sweet ambition;

to knock away this

limited condition.


No reins to hold me in,

no bit to chafe.

Just leaping into the open

free and safe.

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