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I need some geography curr. recommendations for a 2nd grader.

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Have you looked at Galloping the Globe? You could do it with both kids. Now if you're looking to combine earth science and geography-like in another post, there are different geography focuses. Galloping the Globe would provide the cultural and political aspect, The Geography Book by Caroline Arnold (one I use in my lessons) provides the physical geography aspect (mountains, water, latitude, longitude, etc.)


We have Geography Songs too and I'm going to pair it together with Galloping the Globe for my children's K & 4th grade year (2009-2010). My now 3rd grader did earth science and physical geography in 2nd. I hope this isn't confusing, we have some type of geography going at all times. This year in 3rd we're going to be reading Jane Andrew's The Seven Sisters that Lived on a Ball that Floats on Air (I always mess up the title, but it's free at Gutenberg.org).



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Rand McNally Beginning Geography. It was not anything spectacular. It just taught my son basic geography terms and how to read a map like what is longitude and latitude. It told him how to measure North and South. It told him the continents and a little bit about each culture. Nothing excited just a basic geography book. We did that last year.


Blessing in your homeschool journey!





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