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History Makers from Trisms - reviews, please!

Michelle T

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I would love to hear from those using History Makers from Trisms. How do you like it? How do your DC like it?


Does it have a spine for reading? Or a list of suggested books? Are readings actually scheduled, or is it more of a "read about ancient Greece" casual sort of schedule?


How do your kids like all the notebooking? It does seem like that could get tedious after awhile.


Do you have to own the TWSS from IEW, or is there enough instruction in the History Makers curriculum to do the writing assignments without owning IEW?


I would love to hear more opinions, reviews, comments on History Makers. I've looked at their website, but that doesn't give me a very good feel for it.

MIchelle T

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I am getting ready to use HM with my sixth grader (we're going to do it over two years). HM doesn't have a spine per se. It does have a list of suggested books to use as you complete various questionnaires on different topics. The readings are not scheduled because the history is to be learned by research on the part of the student in order to complete the various worksheets and questionnaires.


The main topics are inventors, explorers, and science and you cover everything from ancient Egypt to modern times. There are 36 units and we are going to spend two weeks on each unit. For each unit there are questionnaires to complete, suggested timeline items, vocabulary, lists of books (historical fiction, biography and general), other areas of interest you may wish to pursue, and a list of accomplishments in math if you want to investigate those. The writing assignments follow IEW TWSS and there are also grammar assignments for each unit.


It's hard for me to say whether you would absolutely need to have IEW TWSS in order to do those assignments because I was already very familiar with the IEW methodology. Maybe someone else will weigh in on that. There are writing assignments which don't necessarily use the IEW methods so you can follow those without the IEW for sure.



As far as whether my kidlet will enjoy the notebooking, that remains to be seen. There is a nice mix of writing and diagramming/drawing assigned so I'm hoping that it will be a good fit for him. I really want to step up his endurance of writing this year so I'm anticipating some resistance (that may be an understatement) but my theory is that because there are no assigned reading assignments, he'll enjoy the independence and take more interest in his assignments.



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