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3rd grade science fair project (and 1st grade)

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I'm trying to help the kids with their projects and get a head start. That way we're not in a big rush at the end.


In helping my 3rd grader, we're considering that old Mentos in a 2-liter of pop thing. But, we'd get different kids of pop and try to measure how high the geyser of each one is, and see which one makes the highest geyser.


I don't think it's enough, though, and am trying to figure out something that will keep his interest while still being a viable scientific experiment.


Perhaps if he first did the Mentos geyser, and then tried different methods of geysers, such as baking soda and vinegar, to see which is the highest. Or, if we had pvc pipes of a few different heights and widths, and then tested which would create the highest.


I don't know. I'm mostly just thinking out loud ;)


My 1st grader saw on a Disney sitcom where the kids built a maze and had a mouse trying to find the cheese, and now he says he wants that. He is NOT getting a mouse and I think it's a little overdone, anyway. (although for 1st grade, does that matter?)


I'm trying to talk him into building a maze for slugs to find the cat food. Our cats are outdoor cats and the slugs always find their food. If it's been the slightest bit damp out, I always have to scrape slugs off their food dish when I bring it inside for the night.


I'm thinking if we can build a slug maze that's shiftable, he can test their sense of smell and their memory. My husband thinks I'm nuts and that a slug will take forever to cross a maze. I guess he's never sat and watched a slug :lurk5: They can be disgustingly entertaining.


So, am I nuts here?

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