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Questions on Sonlight Core E from 2011

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We have been homeschooling for a few years, just recently we were introduced to Sonlight. I like the looks of the program (plus my daughter loves to read!) but I am confused and hope someone here can help me.


I see that it appears from the website that Language is included in the 2012 IG. Was Language not in the 2011 IG?



Also, I found a set of the Core E items. The IG from 2011 and all the books needed, expect four, for $165. Is this a good price for a used set? I tried searching on here but I am seeing mostly parts of a Core and not the full Core.

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No, LA was not included in many of the older cores at the younger grades, E being one of them. Yes, I think the price you found it for {with the books} is exceptional to be honestly. I reckon if you purchased the books new you'd spend that much, & a brand new core os about $80. ;)


Mind you, 2011 cores are pretty pricey right now {but I do think you found a good deal} because there are those who are firmly against the 2012 cores & the rearrangements of it. :)

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When I was searching for LA for Core D, I was finding it anywhere from $25 to free. So, I think if you keep an eye on ebay and here, maybe post an ISO, you'll probably come up with the LA for Core E. Even if you were to buy what you found, and then buy just the Instructor's Guide for 2012 if you couldn't find an old version of the LA, you'd be making out well with all those books included.

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Sounds like a great deal!


A lot of people didn't like the SL LA, so I'll bet you could pick it up super cheap. Core D and E were stable cores for many years (ie, no, or hardly any changes), but I don't know if the LA was stable.


I'm using a 2005 Core D, and the books/schedule didn't change from then up until the new 2012 changes. I'm not using the LA though. I have other stuff that I like better.


But really, $165 for IG and almost all the books? Not bad at all. :)

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