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Making an Elements Notebook for Chemistry


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Ok, I'm sure I read about this several times, and now when I go looking for posts about it I'm not coming up with anything! I'm not sure what it is, but I got the impression that the student makes one page for each element studied. But I'm not sure what goes on that page - what sort of information, etc.!


I guess I should mention that I don't mean something like lapbooking/notebooking or Charlotte Mason (not that I have anything against that, just wasn't what I pictured!). I guess I pictured that it was something more like a regular notebook (either 3-ring, spiral, etc.) and each page had information about a particular element. Notes the student kept for each element. Maybe even a printout for each element that student then filled out? This would be for a 7th grader.


Any tips appreciated! thanks.

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I would make a template page on MS Word with text boxes. Perhaps one to draw a picture of the electron shells of the element or a picture of the discoverer. One box could have the info from the periodic table. Perhaps one box could list things that are made of the element or a paragraph about how it was discovered. Your child can fill in the info for each element, one per page. I'd print the template pages on card stock and encourage your child to use lots of color and make it something special.

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