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Extra books for Elemental Science


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Now that I've decided to use Elemental Science for my girls, I wonder if I should force the same level on them both or have each one separate. (they like to feel like they're doing separate work, so that leads me to keep them on their official TWTM levels)


5th grader: I liked how detailed the biology for logic stage looked. i think she'll like it. we would eventually use the refernce books again for the younger siblings, God willing, as they get older.


2nd grader: she did a year of biology last year so i think it would feel a bit of the same ol' same ol' for her if she did another year of biology (which I'd have to water down if we're sharing Logic Stage Biology)


Conflict: If I keep 5th grader on Logic Biology and 2nd grader in Grammar Earth/Astronomy the that's a whole lot of reference books I have to buy for the 2nd grader, and then next year will have to buy AGAIN at the logic stage level for the then-6th grader.


Do I need all of those encyclopedias and space books for Grammar Earth/Astronomy?

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Maybe this tip will help:


I buy my ES ref books used from amazon or half.com Look for the older editions with different covers. This saves a ton of $. Double check at your library for older vs newer or view the Look Inside at Amazon to make older eds are the same inside as the new eds. Buy from the same seller to save on shipping. I've been able to get all my ES books for under $10 this way.

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