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I thought watching 2 babies was going to be bad

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It's not bad, exactly. More like exhausting. I think it will get better when they get a little older and can hold their own bottles and play with toys and such.


But, now I'm going to watch my 8 yr. old niece 2 days a week until school starts. I used to babysit her full time before she went to school, and when her mom asked me back in May if I could watch her this summer, I said no, not with the two babies. Well, my niece has been going to work with dh's step-mom all summer, and it's not going well, so SIL asked again if I could watch her. So, I agreed to two days a week. Which really isn't that bad. Niece is a good, helpful kid and she usually plays well with the boys. It's just the added kid to watch and feed, and dealing with SIL's flakiness that will be difficult.


To top it all off, we have a 15 yr. old German girl coming to spend 5 weeks with us.


To top that off, my 13 yr. old god daughter spends a week with us every summer while her mom is taking classes.


So, that last week of July/first week of August I will have a 4 month old, a 7 month old, two 8 yr. olds, a 9 yr. old, a 13 yr. old, and a 15 yr. old at my house.


Any ideas on things I can do with all of them?

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