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Astrid! Saw Your Dog!

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Dd had one in her obedience and handling classes (same dog). What a sweet dog. Dd took over handling her one night and was thrilled to pieces to be working with such a big dog. Seemed like she would follow Dd anywhere and do anything for her (for the somewhat wimpy owner, not so much)! They must really love kids.:001_smile:

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We had a serious discussion about getting a Leo. Honestly, it was the hair that became a factor. W/a Great Pyr x Akbash already in the house, I wasn't sure I could hack another long haired dog in the spring months. :lol:


Plus, I'd been wanting a Bordeaux for 10 yrs.


We ever get to our acreage though...:D

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The hair is one of the reasons I got a shelter mutt. But he sheds all over the place!! And with 4 cats, I already have to vacuum incessantly. I'd like to install a suction system that just constantly runs at one end of my house. Wouldn't that be cool?? Not a terribly strong system, just something humming along sucking up grass clippings and pet hair all.day.long. Like ME, only motorized. :D

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OOH! Sorry I missed this thread!!!


IMP!! AND SHANVAN!!! I"m so glad you met one of our breed! They really are big loves. Your comments are interesting, Shanvan, because they really DO love children. In fact, the breed was developed in the 1840's in Germany to be a child's companion. They are super-drawn to children. It's kind of uncanny.


Aww--- I love my breed. :001_wub:


Thanks for thinking of me!


astrid (with Leo pack GRCH VLA Seelowen Danika, CD, DD, TT, CGC, TDI and Seelowen Kayak Calm Waters, -- titles in the works!--

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The hilarious thing is that before I met you, Astrid, there's no way I would've rec the breed. Wolf thought it was some sort of mix, and I said, "No, Honey, that's a Leonberger." The woman's eyes just about bugged out of her head. "You KNOW the breed?"'


Ummm...not personally, but my online friend....:lol:


I swear, it's like saying, "My imaginary friend has one..." :lol:

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