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Ugh...Need a New Church Again

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-Women being allowed to do everything in the church men are, including being pastors. (This eliminates most of the churches near us.)


-None of this "wives-only submission" stuff. Husbands and wives deciding things together.


-No Calvinism


-The service not just being a long sermon, but giving everyone a time to speak and encourage others, just as Paul wrote about everyone coming with a song, hymn, a teaching, etc. Few churches do this, so I realize we may have to settle for Sunday School for this part.


-A church that is balanced and neither a basically non-religious social club fighting to end injustice and poverty without Jesus, nor a place focused so much on how sinful everyone is that they have no compassion and equate people struggling with homosexuality to axe murderers.


The LDS church fits except for #1--women can exercise the Priesthood in certain places, like in the temple, and have roles of huge responsibility, but they do not have the exact same roles as the men. Definitely #4--I spoke to the congregation in their monthly testimony meeting last week, and will be speaking more formally with an assigned topic later this month. (I'm not a leader or anything--just one of the church librarians. ;))

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The Anglican church nearby is part of the "Anglican Church in the Americas." It sounds like they split off from the Episcopal church in the last 10-15 years (I think over Episcopals ordaining gay clergy).


Yes, that branch is actively seeking to join up with the Roman Catholic Church. So no, will not ordain women. Meanwhile, the Episcopal Church has a woman as the Presiding Bishop in the USA.

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Before you go please make sure the minister and leadership know that he has a past.


:iagree:- not only the leadership, but anyone you want to tell - this is public information. I would want someone to tell me if I were in the group.

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