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s/o David Oliver Coca Cola Olympics commercial

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Having a talk with friends and family on the fourth...


We saw the David Oliver Coca Cola commercial and someone noticed that he named his coach, his friends, and his fans no mention of his family. I thought they were wrong, he must have also said family. But we saw it again and the commercial does not mention family. Does anyone else find that odd? Would that seem strange to you? Has the family become so insignificant? Are family relations so strained the no one should really expect people who accomplish great things to acknowledge their family in the public arena?


What about extended family or adopted family?


A young teenager said "he might not have a family or he might not like his family." Has it come to that?


Not to say family won't work your nerves but not acknowledging "Family" seems "off."


What sayeth the HIVE?

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Not all families are loving and supportive. Being a highly competitive athlete takes it toll on the person, their families and forces decisions that can rip those apart. Being singularly focused on one goal, strains ties that bind.


His mother qualified for the boycotted 1980 Olympics also in track. He could be trying to protect her from excess publicity. Beyond that, I don't know if he has much family. Not everyone has extended family, of if they do, they may not be close to them.


I would never want to speculate on why someone acknowledges one person and not another....it is a personal decision at a single moment in time.

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