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will it hurt a macbook to set it on a towel-wrapped ice pack during use?

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My 16yo is having problems with the macbook air overheating every time she tries to play Psychonauts on it. It always happens within 20 minutes, but has happened as quickly as 10 minutes into it.


She decided to try wrapping a gel icepack in a towel and setting the macbook air on top of it and it is working MUCH better.


Can this end up causing any damage?

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Since I didn't get any response that it would hurt the macbook, she tried that out last night and it worked great. Usually the internal fan comes on very soon after she starts the game (and it only happens when she's playing this particular game) and then the game starts getting glitchy. Last night she played for 30 minutes without any problems at all just by wrapping a gel ice pack in a towel and then setting the macbook on top of it. She still wasn't having problems at the 30 minute mark. She just got off then because it was late.

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I agree with getting a lap tray with a built in fan. They are great.


Also, can macbooks be taken apart to be cleaned? With my laptops (a dell and now an acer) anytime I've had problems with overheating, it means I need to clean the fan out. Dog hair and dust and such gets caught up in the fan and makes it less efficient.

You have to be careful doing it, but it is an easy fix. There is probably a youtube video for it. :tongue_smilie:

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