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After a certain age, did colds leave you feeling more sick?

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When I was a kid, a cold was from the neck up, meaning I'd have a stuffy or running nose, and maybe a bit of a sore throat. But they didn't leave me feeling exhausted or achey. This changed around age 28 or so. I'm trying to figure out if it's an age-related thing or if it's related to the chronic illness that I am mostly recovered from.

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I have the same thing, but not with all colds. Sometimes I manage to get just the lighter range of symptoms, but other times I get a really bad inflammatory response that turns a head cold into the whole swollen joints and lymph nodes thing. Ick. I have some autoimmune issues, and there is just no knowing what will trigger the more distressing symptoms. Keeping my iron and vitamin D levels high enough definitely seems to help overall -- have you had your levels checked lately?

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