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Quick!! What can I do with the next 10 hours??

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DH and the boys are out boating and wont come back until late....


I wish I could play my vhs's and watch The Thornbirds... but I do not have a vhs player anymore...


I dont want to spend money...


I have a couple nice adult drinks to sip on....


Would love some guilty pleasure Netflix suggestion...


I have bath stuff....


I don't want to spend the time reading, although I have done that a lot lately...


I've listened to my playlist and danced my heart out so far today... oh, if dh caught a glimpse of me indulging in my playlist songs and dancing... he would be....:w00t: or:eek: or:ohmy: and :blush: maybe :drool5: cuz I am in my booty shorts... lol...Oh, how I love being me! :sneaky2:

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Well, you don't want to spend money so a trip to a day spa for a massage is out...:tongue_smilie:


Bubble bath with wine or champagne?

Give yourself a pedicure?

Call a friend or family member you haven't talked to in a while for a nice long chat?

Look through old photo albums and reminisce?


Enjoy your alone time! :)

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