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Books Reviewed by Christians

Guest nlhesch

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Guest nlhesch

I saw a number of posts on this site about the need of book reviews written from a Christian point of view. For the past 16 years, the Christian Library Journal has provided this service. We exist to let parents and librarians know about books for kids and teens, looking at them from a Christian point of view. There is no charge for this service. Go to www.christianlibraryj.org and register to access all past issues. And while there, join our blog, no charge.


Beginning this month we are posting reviews regularly on the blogs, rather than make up a pdf version.


We are also developing, and posting, titles which will make up a core collection for the Christian reader.


Same blog, both services.



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Guest nlhesch

This is a quote from our home page, http://www.christianlibraryj.org:


The Christian Library Journal isdistinctive as a professional review publication in that we look at books from a Christian worldview, noting the values found in the text. And our primary focus is on books for children and teens.

While a book may include ungodly, immoral, or indecent episodes, we look for redemption and resolution. We also recognize that evil exists, and not all things will be redeemed, nor all problems resolved.

We look for literary quality and/or accurate information presented in attractive, readable form.

CLJ points to problem areas in books, such as prurient details or immoral worldview, to help readers make informed choices.

At CLJ, we limit the types of books we review to meet our goal of providing good books for Christian readers. We also review some Christian titles for adults, and professional titles in two fields: libraries and elementary/secondary education, including homeschooling.



We ask our reviewers to look for the value in a book. Does it inform and inspire Christian growth in the reader? Does it perhaps lead the reader to repentance and renewal in his/her relationship with God?



Hope this helps.



Following Christ as God enables and assists!

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