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Portland - East Bound Area, what's to see there?

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Had to use a couple of maps to orientate myself with that spot..it's doable, looks to be about a 100 miles north of Tillamook if I'm guessing right.


I don't think we've ever done those bays.


I'm kinda lonesome for the forest anyway. I'll stick a bug in his ear. :)

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Fort Stevens


Bombardment of Fort Stevens

See also: Bombardment of Fort Stevens

In what became the only attack on a mainland American military installation during World War II, the Japanese submarine I-25, under the command of Tagami Meiji,[20] surfaced near the mouth of the Columbia River, Oregon on the night of June 21 and June 22, 1942, and fired shells toward Fort Stevens. The only damage officially recorded was to a baseball field's backstop. Probably the most significant damage was a shell that damaged some large phone cables. The Fort Stevens gunners were refused permission to return fire for fear of revealing the guns location and/or range limitations to the sub. American aircraft on training flights spotted the submarine, which was subsequently attacked by a US bomber, but escaped.


I don't know how much of the wreck of the Peter Iredale is still around, but that was cool.


I liked walking on the spit at the mouth of the Columbia river.




Canon Beach (especially if your kids like Goonies), there is a Moe's there too.


Is Newport to far south? There is Devils Punch bowl, the Hatfield Marin Science Center, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, The Underwater Gardens, The Wyland Mural, The original Moe's that Paul Newman ate at while filming in Oregon, Depot Bay and whale watching, etc...


Seaside Oregon is up North, it is a kitchy fun sea side town. Amusements, tacky gift shops, etc... A lot of beach, and swing sets of the beach. I love sitting on the beach and swimming.


Then of course the Lewis and Clark stuff.

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Newport is cool, we've been through there, and the aquarium is just outstanding. I'd fly cross country to see that.


I think this is going to be a fly by the seat of your pants type roadcruise. No real destination in mind. He wants to go have a burger at the hanger in Tillamook.


Who drives 700 miles for a burger? Pfft. :lol: He must have saw it on the food channel is my guess. He'll go way out of the way to eat anywhere from the show Diners Drive In's and Dives. It's his "thang." Something there called the Blimp, some kind of sandwich.


Seaside sounds cool, I haven't done kitsch in a while. :)


I'm a military/historic buff, so that Fort Stevens sounds groovy too.

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If you are into food and going to Tillamook, you have to stop at the cheese factory. See cheese, buy cheese if you like, but mostly get an ice cream!


We love Fort Stevens, and Fort Clatsop where Lewis and Clark wintered in 1805 is nearby--very cool. They are both a couple of hours north of Tillamook I would say, but it's a beautiful drive.


East of Portland? If you're coming in on I84, stop at Multnomah Falls.

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