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PreCalc or Trig program with DVDs

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Thanks everyone. I saw chalkdust by searching the forum earlier today and it looks pretty good. I hadn't heard of Derek Owens. I also read about AoPS which looks like it has some videos for earlier levels. Does this program need additional instruction/ videos beyond the text? I would love to know how it works, since we have only done MUS where you watch the teacher and then do the lesson. My son doesn't NEED video instruction necessarily, it might just makes me feel better!?

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My son is currently taking pre-calc with Derek Owens. Ds views the video lessons on line and then completes the work. We've been VERY impressed with the program.


One thing I love is that he has a choice between honors and regular. So, if you start out with honors and then need to drop it, you can. So far, ds is doing the honors and doing very well!

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