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Paypal question....I want to turn her in.

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Apparently, a whole lot of drama was going on when I was out running errands yesterday.


Miss Good's best friend sold a goat that she had raised to a young lady we will call D, and recently saw the doe on the girls for sale page, and offered to buy her back at the full asking price.


D would not answer her emails or phone calls, so Dd writes and asks if she can buy the goat, and have a friend pick her up. D. Is happy to do that Friend pay pals Dd the money, and at this point, Dd calls me to tell me she is going to buy this goat. I told her NOT to use the friend's and family option because then there will be no recourse if she won't let them pick up the goat after we pay for it.


I check our account, and see the money our friend sent, I see where Dd sent the asking price, but the girl immediately refunds the payment because she wont accept any paypal except Friends and Family.


Dd does it, even though I told her not to because she does not want the goat to go to a different home. I'm mad that she disobeyed me, but it is her friend's money, and she did what her friend wanted her to do.


I talked them into having our friend's dad pick up the goat so that there is less chance of a confrontation. D won't recognize him, and I doubt she will cross a full grown man.


After they pick up the goat, I want to turn the emails she sent refusing to accept money for Good's and services into paypal. I also took a screen shot of her website where she says that if a buyer uses paypal, they must pay all of the fees.


I want to do every little thing I can to help put her out of business because she has stolen from and lied to too many of our friend's to even count.


AmI just being petty? Is it none of my business? Should I just let her own karma come back and bite her in the....or is it a legitimate complaint that she is using paypal without conforming to their user agreement.

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