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Timeline Cards- what are my options?

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We are doing ancients this year, but I'd like to get some timeline cards for all of history as well. I know about Veritas Press, and Classically Catholic Curriculum. Are there any others out there? I would prefer one that is either secular, or Catholic oriented, rather than Protestant. Has anyone actually seen the CCM ones? There aren't really good samples on the website.



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I have a set of the CCM ones.

They are very beautiful. The pictures on the front are full color. There is text on the back side, but not nearly as much text as the VP cards. They are very Catholic and include several saints.


I like the size: 4" x 6". I laminated them using easy to find laminating pouches that fit 4x6 photos.

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In CC, we memorize all the titles (all 161) over the year. It gives the kids "pegs" of information to hang more detailed information on as we study topics more in depth.

Total newbie question, but are these basically history flashcards? How do you use them in your homeschooling?
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