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Do you have favorite educational apps for the ipad or Droid phone?

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I just downloaded Dragonbox for the boys and they love it almost as much as their mother does. :lol: I happen to enjoy basic algebra, but it sure is fun to see the 5 yo doing so well with the concepts in the game.


We are headed on a long road trip later this week, and I was thinking we needed a few more games to cycle through. Any favorites?

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Mostly bumping for you because I want to know about Droid apps :)


I can offer that I've found a Speak N Spell app that looks cool, and Kids Math Tetris. There is an Ancient Egypt Empire builder, but I don't know if that has anything "suggestive" in it as I haven't gotten my hands on a Droid to try it yet.


What about things like Where's My Water, Cut the Rope, and Plumbing for just fun stuff that makes you think?

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I haven't come across educational apps for my droid phone. I haven't LOOKED that hard yet, but they sure don't show up on a cursory glance.


Right now, all I have is Toddler Lock that someone else mentioned. It locks all other applications on the phone and makes chime sounds and lets the child color with her finger. Not educational, but it might be a God-send for my 21 mo.

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Someone said Stack the states, but the same company has others, Stack the Countries and one called Presidents and Aliens, which is my daughter favorite right now.


Ticket to Ride, while not educational in intent, I do feel is helping my daughter learn where the major US cities are. I believe the IPad version also included the European version as well.

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