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Visiting Asheville NC area

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Any advice on fun stuff to do for kids? We are planning to spend some time exploring the Parkway, going down to SC to visit Cowpens and King's Mountain Revolutionary War sites, then over to Charlotte. Probably avoiding the Biltmore on this trip.


Thanks for any advice!

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We used to always enjoy the Western North Carolina Nature Center near Asheville but haven't been there in years. Another fun day out is the beach area at Lake Lure. There are also boat rides on the lake. My younger kids really enjoy Hands On and Beyond in Hendersonville too.

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Cherokee could be a day trip although I have a friend who lives near by and says do not go over the fourth of July as the casino draws in huge crowds and causes too much congestion.


There's also the Great Smokey Mountains Railway that could be another day trip.


I love to spend a day in Biltmore Village (outside the estate), but it is more an adult shopping sort of place.


Flatrock is nearby and also has quaint shopping and Carl Sandburg's house. If you have a lot of books and someone who complains about that, take them to Carl's house for sure!

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