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Any experience with PAH AP Statistics?

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My daughter is chomping at the bit to take AP Statistics with PA Homeschoolers next year. She will be a senior, and it would be her 4th PAH class for next year (in addition to Calc BC, APUSH and Eng. Lit) plus self-studying AP Chem. She really wants to take this course because it sounds interesting and it does fit in well with her future college plans. My husband and I are inclined to let her "go for it" but some of the reviews on the PAH site about the time requirements for the course are giving us pause.


My question for you guys is if your teen has taken this course how many hours a week on average did they spend on the course? The reviews on the PAH website are all over the place from 7 hours per week to 4-6 hours per day (multiple reviews)! If your teen was in the over 2 hrs per day range, could you please give me a feel as to why this was the case.


My daughter did e-mail a PAH classmate who has taken a ton of AP courses who confirmed the 7 hours per week (7-10 hrs per week would be completely doable for my dd), but I'd like more input before I agree to this.





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Thanks for your input. Yes, my dd would have a tough schedule, but it would be good preparation for the tough colleges she is interested in. She took 2 AP classes with PAH last year, plus self-studied for Micro plus had all of the Junior year nightmare SAT/SAT II testing, and she definitely could have handled a 3rd PAH class especially since she stopped rowing last winter (15 hour/week commitment). I think the biggest challenge for her will be letting go of some of the bonus assignments in APUSH even if it means that her class rank will be lower than she would like (anything other than 1st..LOL!).


She's broken down the anticipated time commitment for her courses:


Calc BC: 2 hours per day

AP lit/APUSH: 3 hours per day (with additional reading/writing over the weekend--expects both to be reading/writing-intensive, but she writes easily/quickly and has a strong background from both AP Eng. lang and Euro)

AP Chem: 1.5 hours per day (exc. labs which will be done this summer).

German IV self-study 45 minutes/day

AP Stat's: 1.5 per day budgeted plus projects over weekends


She's also committed to starting chem over the summer to complete at least 6 chapters before her PAH classes start, watching the Chalkdust Calc lectures to make the 1st half of calc easier, and completing the bulk of her college applications/essays this summer. She really wants to take stat's!


Keep the comments coming. I am sharing all the responses with my daughter and will let her make her own decision on this one (assuming the class is not full).





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Thanks Sue! I know all the prior reviews have been fantastic. I was just surprised by the number of past students on the PAH site stating the time spent as between 2 & 6 hours per day and was trying to get some insight as to whether it was due to the young age of some of the students (a 12th grader with multiple AP experience would typically spend less time than a 9th grader doing their 1st AP), differences in math aptitude, time spent on worthwhile projects or an abundance of busy-work.


My daughter has read all of the comments so far including a couple of pm's, and she still really wants to take this course. A year from now she's going to be selecting her own college courses, so I'm inclined to let her take the course.


Thanks everyone for your help!



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My daughter took AP Statistics from PA Homeschoolers the first time it was offered by Carole Matheny. It was an excellent class and she was well prepared for the exam and scored a five.


She took the class as a senior and her math background at that time included math through Algebra 2 (taken at home) as well as College Algebra and Trig (taken at the local community college). My daughter has always been very proficient at math, but it is not a love of hers. I'd say that she generally spent around seven to ten hours a week on the class though she might dedicate several hours in one sitting. When she took the class, she was also taking three community college classes each term as well as year long post-AP Latin and Ancient Greek classes.


Best wishes to your daughter; I hope that she'll have a rewarding senior year.




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