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Addicted to something beyond the Hive

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Oh-oh....I am in BIG trouble now.

Instead of spending lots of time here - I've found another "distraction".

With just a few months to go until the new baby arrives, DH & I put together our project list - you know those things we need to get done before baby arrives - that have almost nothing to do with the baby :lol:


So a friend recommended a site for us to get some ideas for the kids bedrooms and for a few other things we want to do around the house: http://www.houzz.com


Oh.my.word. I am in so much trouble. I've spent hours on here already and I think the project list has just grown threefold :willy_nilly:



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Are you trying to get others to join you in your new addiction? That site looks really cool, and I'm not even into re-doing anything in the house!


My new addiction is running. Have a hard time stopping, even on my "rest" days. My newest idea is to get a dog to run with me; like bringing in someone else on my crazy addiction.


All the best with the upcoming baby!!!

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Yes, I do apologize in advance to anyone else who gets addicted on this site. Seriously. It is like pinterest on steroids for anything house-related.


I wish I had found it a few months ago......3 months is not enough time to get everything on my (growing) list done!!!!


P.S. Do not, under any circumstances, show the link for the garage/shed ideas, to your significant other. Very, very dangerous.

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Well, since you have the decorating thing down, would you be in need of a room planner? This cool site lets you enter the dimensions and shapes of rooms as well as the demensions of furniture, and then you can move them around to see what layout works best without doing all the heavy moving umpteen times. :)


Plan Your Room

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I can't stop looking.

It is bad.

We have no time to start doing all this - nevermind the $$$.

I want to forget about ever seeing this site.

I was up until midnight last night just drooling over all the ideas.

Must. stop. browsing.

I need an intervention.

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