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A how to - creating links from iPad

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I have seen several posts lately (mostly in the fb thread) stating that people don't know how to insert a link with their iPad. It is super simple, so I thought I'd help out.


The directions below look long and complicated, but are super intuitive after you do it the first time.


Open a new tab with the website you want to link to.


Click on the web address at the top of the screen.

Click a second time in the same spot.

Click "Select All"

Click "Copy"


Return to the tab that you want the link to be inserted into.

Touch and hold where you want the link inserted

Press paste. All done


OR for a hyper link, instead of the last 3 lines above, do this:


Return to the tab that you want the link inserted into.

Touch and hold on the words you want to highlight

Click select and move the dots until the correct words are highlighted.

Click on the world/chain icon (ignore the clickable options that appear - you may need to zoom in if the icon is partially obscured or hard to reach)

Touch inside the box that appears and click on paste

Click "ok"

Double check the link to make sure that you don't have http:// written twice, if so, click on the offending area ( hold and roll your finger to move about if you aren't in the right spot) and delete the repeated section.


I promise it isn't as complicated as it appears. Give it a try.

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