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What to take a friend?

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My friend's bil died suddenly on Saturday. She has her 2 nieces (11 and 8) staying with her right now, and although it may only be a few days, it might be longer. No details, but there were drugs involved. Anyway, I asked if I could do anything for her (she's a single mom w/ 2 kids, limited income, etc). She asked me to pick up a couple of things from the store (dish soap and shampoo), and mentioned that she really doesn't have enough towels. I will pick those up for her, but I would like to stock her fridge/pantry w/ some extra food too.


She's not a big "from scratch" cook. What would you take? I'm reluctant to take any fresh food, because she will be going back and forth this week (2 hour drive to her sister's house), and I'm not sure how much they will actually be home.

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Oranges are a great idea! I like the frozen veggie idea, but I'm not sure what veggies they eat. The only things I had come up w/ were pasta and cereal, and granola bars for snacks. :tongue_smilie: I think I'll pick up some apples too, as those travel well. Thanks.

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Two extra girls and travel time....wow, with indefinite stay. Very stressful.


I'd throw in some disposable items...bathroom tissue paper, garbage bags, paper plates/forks, etc., sandwich bags, napkins, paper towels. Laundry is going to double for her too.


Maybe hunt around for a travel cooler to tuck it in, she could use it both at home and in the car.

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First, what a sweetie to do this for her. I see it getting expensive. Do you have some friends to chip in? I can think of all sorts of things I'd love to give her, but most people have a budget :)

Towels & washcloths

Hand Soap


Mac & Cheese

Ramen Noodles

Yup for some disposables like One*Mom suggested

Frozen Lasagna

Some cereal and milk

Bottled Water

Love... little notes of encouragement

Perhaps offer rides if that works for you...

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I thought about disposable plates, TP, etc. late last night, and yes I do see it getting expensive. I decided to just grab some snacks for now that can travel, and hold off on the groceries until I know for sure if the girls will be here for any length of time. If it ends up being long term, I will recruit some people to help w/ grocery costs and possibly some meals.

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*a gas card to help defray the expense of driving back and forth

*cereal, frozen waffles, maybe some frozen chicken nuggets, frozen veggies, spaghetti/sauce/bread, fresh items for a salad

*money/gift card to order a pizza


*towels, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper,

*maybe something fun for the kids to do (rent a movie, etc)

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I know that after I drive several hours (with kids) cooking is the last thing on my mind. I'd buy gift cards to kid-friendly places (pizza, burgers, etc). I'd also stock some ice cream in the freezer. If these kids have just lost their father, they want comfort food type things. If possible figure out what type of food they have usually eaten at home. I understand the temptation to fill the fridge, but if your friend is exhausted and they aren't used to it, it will only make things look different than what they are used to having and doing.


I'd also put some movies (or movie rental card) in with whatever you are sending. Depending on the ages, toys.


If they will be staying for a long time, look into grief counseling for the kids. I think that many people don't recognize it's importance.

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