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xpost: Interest led for 7th and 8th.....and beyond

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I have and am planning to use MFW Explorers to 1850 for this next year to use with all of my dc. My oldest will be going into 7th. I have always been interested in doing more interest led schooling, but have never had the guts to actually do it.


So, I was thinking this afternoon that if I ever plan to do it, now would be the time for my younger two. But, would it work for my oldest? If I required math, writing, grammar, Spanish, Bible and maybe a root study would it prepare him for high school and beyond if I just required that he always be reading something history and science related? Or, if he truly followed his interests and he focused all of his interest-led studies on technology, what if I just did a book that gives a basic overview of history? What would an interest-led education look like at this age? Honestly, I would like to require the skills and then just say, "Okay, you have two years to study anything that you like, but you must be actively studying something."


Also, would it be difficult to transition to a more structured high school experience? I am thinking of continuing with MFW for hs.


Also, for this board, has anyone done interest-led through high school? What did it look like? Was your dc prepared for college?

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