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Anyone have trouble with Keystone?

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I am trying to get dd started in Alg 1 sem 2 and they are taking forever to approve her transcript. I hope I dont have to wait for materials. Do you start immediately after you pay, and can you bump up the pace?


What is the normal procedure?


Thanks ahead,


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We've never done just the second semester of a course so perhaps that is the issue. Dd finished an honors English course and she went at her own pace, but she used the online option. If we'd have done the traditional correspondence course, it would have taken much longer while she waited for submissions to be graded.

Unless you already own the textbook, you'll have to wait for that to arrive, but ours only took a few days. I'd give them a call and talk to someone about the delay. Perhaps a call to a live person will bring faster results. I waited for dd's grade and had to request it twice before it was mailed to us. Frustrating!

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That does not sound promising. I was trying to get this done in summer, so I can start her at International Academy in fall. Has your dc done the Alg 1 course, is it tough?



I wonder if I shoud just cram it in with her tight fall schedule. That will be brutal.


Thank you for your help,



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