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If anyone lost a package

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I have it.


Seriously, what should I do about this? I received a box from Amazon with three sort of odd items (a whisk, a liquid heater, and something else) that I didn't order. It was properly addressed and had my name. I went to my Amazon account and checked to make sure no one ordered those things.


DH keeps saying, "I hope this isn't part of some identity theft thing." Could it be? What do I do about this?

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Yes, contact Amazon. I've heard of that, where they order something small and have it shipped, then change the address on your account. They being identity theft people. I've also heard of them trying to intercept packages being delivered, I think that was from here. But that would show up on your account wouldn't it?


Did you order something that could have been marked incorrectly? What does the invoice say?


How about a gift? Did someone ship to you? Maybe it's a secret message.

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Do check with Amazon and consider changing your password. However since it is not showing up on your account, I would assume there was some kind of mix up in the warehouse.


Did you have something else on order from Amazon? If so, my guess is that your order comes down the line next to this other order and the labels either got switched or a whole group got misaligned by one label. Or I suppose even that they printed two of your label for some reason (maybe thought the first copy was messed up and then forgot to toss the extra one when it turned out it wasn't).


I once had a book come to me with my Border's label, but inside was a Target invoice and book for some other person (apparently all large booksellers send things out from the same warehouse). I contacted Borders, got a new book sent to me. They didn't even want the wrong one back, although I took it to the store, the manager told me she'd just donate it to a local charity.

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Contact Amazon -


Did the inside invoice have your name on it? I had an amazon package sent to me where the packers messed up and put someone else's address label on my package, but the packing slip had their name and order info.


Amazon was great and told me to just keep the package (bonus it was some children's books) and resent my correct order.

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