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Wonderful things I found cleaning out the pantry

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Yesterday I got the urge to clean out the pantry. Sort of. Really I just did one shelf, but whatever, I count it as a win. Anyway, we have a really weird corner pantry that is deep enough for me to crawl in and take a nap, which means many things get lost in the dark recesses way in the back. When I was cleaning (I practically HAD to crawl in), I found an unopened box of Thin Mints (Woohoo!) and an jar of my mom's fig preserves she brought with her when she visited in Nov. I was so excited I almost cried. I hid the Thin Mints from Indy, because they are mine, all mine, bwahahahahaha, and cracked open the jar of figs right away. I didn't know whether to spread them on toast or just grab a spoon and tuck in. Happy Day! I don't can myself, but I ♥ my mom's fig preserves. Nom, nom, nom.

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