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Recommendations for a beginners Montessori book

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If you were to pick 1 or 2 must-read books on Montessori education for 3-6 year old which books would you pick? I would love to be able to download the book on my iPad.


What would be the top toys/ activities that you would recommend to buy or make for a 3-4 year old? Any tips, tricks or advice on a homeschool Montessori education?

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I asked about this recently, if you search for that thread there might be some help. So far, I would say the Montessori at Home ebook or Montessori Today (available through Amazon or libraries). I would also recommend the World Wide Montessori e-course. It's $10 a month and it's really broken down for you. :)


Materials: Knobbed cylinders, pink tower, and broad/brown stairs, otherwise most you probably could make or use around the house.

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