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Switching from SWR?


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I want to try a new spelling program with my 9 year old dd. She knows all the spelling rules and phonograms, but isn't really applying them in her writing. SWR moves too fast for her and I think it's overwhelming with the amount of rules presented in each lesson. We've been using SWR for the past four years and she hates spelling, finds it frustrating and misses almost half of the words on quizes and tests. Her younger brother on the other hand is a natural speller and does great with SWR.


I think I've looked at every program out there, but I'm still not sure which one would work best for her. I think AAS or LOE will be too similar to SWR and maybe a different approach would be good...Spelling Power?? Perhaps I need to just stick with SWR and give her less words. I don't know, but I do know this year I want her to grow in her confidence and not to hate spelling.




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I have a feeling sequential spelling is the way to go. I will be switching from SWR to that soon, although my kids enjoy the rules at this point. I agree it is overwhelming though and too much to apply well, although I have not given SWR a fair shake yet.


Sequential spelling teaches rules implicitly not explicitly and gets the spelling in the back door, as it were.


I believe it is inexpensive and much easier to implement than SWR.

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I believe WWE is unprepared dictation. Studied dictation you go over the passage together, pick out any likely problem words, study those words, study the punctuation, etc.; then when the student is ready (perhaps the next day) you do the dictation.


If she's having trouble with memory I'd work on that myself. You might look up some ways to develop her visual memory (CM used nature & picture study for this). And if she hates it, maybe you could take a break for a little bit, or else just review old words.


I haven't seen AAS but it sounds like that may work. Spelling Plus keeps similar words together and has lots of reinforcement with the dictation book (unprepared dictation, but using only the spelling words & pattern's studied - many take one week for the list, and the next for the dictation selections). You can see the full wordlist for Spelling Plus on their website.

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