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need 9th grade help please.....

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im having so much trouble figuring out english for 9th grade. dd just finished up winston grammar and daily grams 7. for writing she finished up writing strands book 4 and hake writing (she didnt like either). she likes to read, but only what she wants to read.... she balks at literature.


so for 9th i decided to have her read little women & pride and predjuice both with composition guides. im going to have her do daily grams jr/sr high, but besides those and free reading, i have no clue what else to use to earn her credit. any ideas?

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This is what we're doing.


English I – 1 credit:


Writer’s Inc: A Student Handbook for Writing and Learning

Writer’s Inc: Daily Language Workouts 9th Grade

Weekly writing assignments based on prompts here and other places. I’ll be listing our own prompts as well.

Various Literature Selections with Study Guides

SAT Vocabulary

Word Power Made Easy


Hopefully I won't change this before fall. LOL

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For English composition/grammar, my 9th-grader will use


Rod and Staff English 8

Vocabulary from Classical Roots B & C

IEW SICC-B (the 10-week course), then SICC-C (as much as possible)

Essential Literary Terms (I don't expect to get through the whole thing)


Literature will be separate for us as he is a very humanities-focused kid. He'll do one semester of Drama as Literature, probably focused on Ancients to Shakespeare, designed by my professor-husband. Then for spring semester, he'll take a local class in Shakespeare, in which the students study one play in depth and then produce it for the public.


Just some ideas for you ...



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For English he did:


- Imitation in Writing: Greek Myths

- Growing Up Heroic (Duke TIP online course)

- Eats, Shoots and Leaves, reading and discussing, for grammar and punctuation review

- Reading list of 14 full works, both classics and modern re-tellings, and a few shorter pieces

- Short (one page, usually) reports and summaries of about half the reading selections

- Prepared for and took the National Mythology Exam


We did no formal vocabulary study, because he doesn't really need it.

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My ds is doing the following for his 9th grade English credit:


Epi Kardia Essay Writing for High School

IEW Speech Bootcamp

Finishing Writing with Skill Vol. 1


Wordly Wise books 7 and 8


Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings

Edited by Chris in PA
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I also struggled to decide what to do for the english credit for 9th grade.

Have you looked at Vocab from classical roots. My son will be doing VCR A and B for 9th grade. They are very easy going and ds is learning effectively from them.


Writing strands didn't work too well for us either, neither did IEW.

ds has just started WriteShop 1 - and that is going very well, both of us are finally happy with a composition program. It provides effective instruction for compositions, with a student checklist for him to check his own work, a teacher checklist for me to go through, and a guide for me to grade his work.


When you say she balks at literature - what exactly does she balk at - the thought of having to read a book, or the thought of having to dissect it ?

Have you looked into Lightening Literature? I am considering it for the second half of the year - after ds has completed WriteShop 1.

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Alex will be doing a literary terms workbook, NaNoWriMo, and will work through all the units of IEW. The assignments and source materials for IEW will mostly come out of history (including historical fiction) and philosophy. Since we have already done most of IEW more than once, we will get through the early stuff very quickly and spend a lot more time on essays and literature critiques.


We will be using English from the Roots Up as an intro to Latin and Greek, which also works as a vocabulary program.


As far as her balking at reading your choices, I think that is just so individual. Alex is a fantastic reader and really enjoys almost everything I ask him to read. I require him to read certain books for school but if he gets a chapter or two in and just hates it for some reason we drop it and try something else. There are so many selections, it's not the end of the world for him to opt into a different great book or even just to put off reading something while his brain and grasp of language improves. I think it is worth it to really search for the option that fits both the parent's idea of a great book and the student's idea of an enjoyable, engaging read.

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