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If you were to recommend 1 (or 2) books for 3-6 Montessori education...

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If you were to pick 1 or 2 must-read books on Montessori education for 3-6 year old, which books would you pick?


What would be the top toys/ activities that you would recommend to buy or make for a 3-4 year old? Any tips, tricks or advice on a homeschool Montessori education?

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I used a lot of the ideas out of these and they are very affordable! Laid out really nice as well.






Wow! That curriculum looks great. But I have a question. How much time do you realistically dedicate to doing it? I'd love to do something similar with my girls but ... condensing it down seems like I'd be tearing out the whole beauty of it all. And I have a full load with my ds this year.

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A great ebook is Montessori At Home by John Bowman and it's a great price too. He recently updated it and I think it is really good.


Second! Elizabeth Hainstock's Teaching Montessori in the Home books are great (she has one for preschool and one for elementary) and Tim Seldin's How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way is a beautiful, accessible and excellent introduction to Montessori.

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