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Rock Collection Question


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We're making final preparations to start our new school year (August 6), but I have not been able to find one item we would like to have. We plan to study two aspects of Earth/Space science this year -- Geology and Weather/Water -- and save Astronomy for all of next year. We have a great rock collection in a boxed set, AND we also have my mother's wonderful rock collection from her days in college (50+ years ago). :001_smile:Seriously, I can't believe she saved those rocks for so many years, and then passed them onto us to use for 2nd and K! :D They are in good shape, too, but they're in a plastic zipper bag. :001_huh:


I've been searching for a rock collection box -- an EMPTY one. ;) I cannot find it. :001_huh: We want to remount the rocks on new cards and sort them into an empty rock collection box. I can't find an empty rock box.


Any ideas? The plastic craft boxes aren't exactly the right size...



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