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refrigerator/overnight oatmeal ??

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The recipes all say to use regular oats, which I have, but has anyone used Steel cut oats?


Well, I haven't used them in recipes, but I cook them on the stove top for about 7 mins (I think) and then leave them in the pan in the fridge overnight (after cooling, of course). Then they only need reheating for a few minutes the next day. I toss in berries or peaches.

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I saved this info:



This is what I do with steel cut oats.


I soak them overnight in an equal portion of water (2 cups oats to 2

cups water). I add an acid, so that the enzymes are activated and the

nutrients are more easily digested. Usually, I use whey (I put some of

that precious raw milk in a jar and let it sit on the counter and drain

it out through a cloth). I use about a tbsp. Lemon juice or vinegar

would work also (maybe an apple cider one so that it tastes good....you

can get raw apple cider vinegar, too).


In the morning, they are soft and have soaked up most of the water. I

dump it all in the pan (no draining) and add another equal amount of

water (2 cups in this case) and then I cook it on medium heat. It

usually takes 5-10 minutes, unlike the hour that it took if I didn't

soak it.


Then when I make it, I add a tsp. of coconut oil to my bowl (its good,

nutritious and filling, and helps me lose weight ), maple syrup, and

some milk. Yum.



Here are more ideas:




Easy soaked steel cut oats


overnight steel cut oats




I covered some steel cut oats (and some bulgar!) in almost 4 times as much water, covered it, and put it in the fridge.


Into the microwave for what seemed like forever- probably 6 or 8 minutes.

And magic happened. (And a minor overspill- next time use a bigger bowl Heather). Suddenly the steel cut oats soaked up all the water and were deliciously creamy looking.

I stirred in cinnamon & nutmug, and topped it with chopped almonds and some granola.


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Well, I experimented. I used 3/4 cup steel oats, 3/4 cup coconut milk, tbls of ground flax and tabls of chia. Threw in some blueberries.


It was chewy. delicious, but chewy. I will try again and use regular oats.

I make steel cut oats all the time in the crockpot, but was looking for something I can make up and put in the jar/container for hubby to take to work at 6am. He is trying to get past having something sweet with his morning coffee.


I will look thru the other recipes too. Thanks!

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