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ick 2 hr GTT

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Finally went and finished off my bloodwork, including the 2 hour Glucose tolerance test. Nasty test.


We were supposed to off to an amazing fieldtrip today but with this battle of the lice I cancelled our spots, and figured since I already booked the day off work I had better get the stupid blood work done.


I think that test should be deemed a health hazard. That orange drink is disgusting.


That's all, just had to pout about the yucky drink :tongue_smilie:

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Ugh, it is awful, the GTT! I had to do the 3 hour GTT with my first two pregnancies, and it was horrible. Worst torture I've ever had. I refused (er, declined politely) it for my last two pregnancies and was so glad I did.


(Before anyone tells me how terrible it is that I skipped the GTT with #3 and #4, I have to say that I don't feel it's an accurate test for me. I passed the 3 hour GTT with both of my first two babies, and they were still large. My third baby was large as well, and the fourth was on track to be large if he'd waited until the same gestational point. So either I had GD that wasn't caught by the GTT and therefore not managed, or I didn't have it and just grow big babies. It might be more useful for other mothers.)

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During pregnancies I only took it for every other pg, so it worked out that I took it with both boys anf skipped it with both girls.


In this case they had me do it to a) help in determining PCOS, and b) to rule out diabetes due to family having it and my extra girth around my middle(almost all my excess weight is in my belly)


I did the regular glucose test with round 1 of testing, but she sent me for additional testing including this 2hr GTT (as well as cortisol, prolactin, FSH etc)

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9 years ago when we were ttc I was still working when I had the test. I fasted, had to do the 2 hour GTT in the afternoon and leave work early, 30 min drive there, and they screwed up the test! My RX said 2 hour GTT *with* insulin levels, and they didn't draw the insulin levels, just the sugar levels, which is what they do with a normal GTT. My understanding is for PCOS/IR you really need to see both.


So I got the joy of repeating it. My reproductive endocrinologist was not happy with that lab!

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