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Read aloud suggestion for post-civil war - 1900...

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I'm in need of a recommendation for a read aloud for my 4th grader next year. Post-civil war but before the start of immigration etc. I'm spending 3 weeks on this topic (Unit 7 for those who have seen Complete Book of US History). I plan to have one read aloud during this time be Dragon's Gate but I need one more. We've done the Little House books so I'd like something different.


Also - not all of my read aloud selections will be history based so if you have a great recommendation that is just a really good book or good literature, especially adventure or fantasy I'd love to hear it.




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Here's a couple we've read:




  • Roller Skates by Ruth Sawyer (1890s) (I wrote a review of this on my blog...see my siggy for a link, and you should be able to search for it).
  • the first couple Betsy-Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace are 1890s
  • If you haven't read the "Rose" books (Laura Ingalls Wilder's daughter), the first few of those are pre-1900.



This page at A Book in Time has some suggestions for that time period.



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