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Looking for schools that award a hs diploma, but allow flexibility

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No personal experience with any of these, and don't know if they are flexible or not, but here is a list with links to get you started researching. BEST of luck! Warmly, Lori D.



"umbrella"/cover school or accreditation programs:

- Kolbe (Catholic) = http://www.kolbe.org/

- NARHS = http://www.narhs.org/

- West River Academy (international) = http://westriveracademy.com/

- Northstar Academy (Christian) = http://www.northstar-academy.org/



distance learning with an accredited organization:

- Clonlara (international) = http://www.clonlara.org/



classes through accredited online programs:

- Keystone = http://keystoneschoolonline.com/

- Seton (Catholic) = http://www.setonhome.org/

- Regina Coeli (Catholic) = http://www.reginacoeli.org/rca.php

- American School = http://www.americanschoolofcorr.com/

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Clonlara does not offer online classes. They are a brick and mortar school, and they also offer a distance-learning diploma. You choose/purchase your own materials and/or program, which makes them more like an umbrella school. They do have credit requirements, and offer an accredited diploma at the end (but you are on your own to come up with how to fulfill those credits). You can get a discount to some online classes (I think it was with CompuHigh?) through them, but I haven't looked into it.


I don't know much about their brick-and-mortar school, but my impression is that it is a child-led education and not a "traditional" program like you'd find in other schools.


We have been with Clonlara since my oldest was in 1st grade, he will be entering their highschool program in the fall. We have had a phone meeting with his adviser, but I haven't actually gone through highschool with them yet to give you btdt experience.


One of my sils graduated from The American School, which is more like "school in a box", meaning they send you all the books and materials you must use, kwim? It is also accredited, but not at all like Clonlara.



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They do. I thought most schools had a volunteer requirement, I know I did in highschool.. we had a semester of public service, mine was at a retirement home for several hours every week. Come to think of it, I think we had some public service/volunteer work we had to do at gradeschool at well...


The requirement at Clonlara, I don't remember the overall amount, but I broke it down to about an hour a week during the school year, with a limit as to how much of that can be religiously-oriented. Obviously, you could do a bunch of hours at once at an event, or whatever.

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I have no idea, I didn't ask! :) It (obviously) doesn't bother me, maybe because I distinctly remember having to do it myself in highschool. I'm actually looking forward to this part (being the facilitator/chauffeur, lol), last year we had some interesting opportunities and hopefully there will be more of the same.

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