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Revolutionary War toys? How about an affordable George Washington Action figure?

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My ds8's birthday is this month. He really wants Rock Band for the Wii, but that's more than we spend on birthdays.


The only other items he's mentioned wanting are figures to recreate the Revolutionary War. He's got a passion for George Washington and Nathan Hale, especially, right now.


So, hit me with your best links and suggestions. If you don't know of action figures, but know something else this boy might love---please tell me!

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There is a George Washington (full size) G.I. Joe. My boys got it a while back before they outgrew such things, so I don't know if it is still available. I sure wish I had gotten the Teddy Roosevelt one while it was available!


I think I've seen Revolutionary War miniatures in the plastic kind you paint yourself, metal, and in pre-painted (metal and/or plastic). I'm pretty sure I ran across them when I was looking for scale model figures for ds. I'll see if I saved the links or can find them again. Maybe he would enjoy making a battlefield model. At 8yo he would probably need a lot of help from you and or dh, but it would be fun and educational.


My kids liked historical costumes at that age, too. Maybe you could come up with a Revolutionary War costume. Vision Forum used to sell them, but I don't think they have them any more. Youngest ds loved his doughboy costume from Vision Forum and it is now in his keepsake box. If you can't find one already done up, you could sew one and the tri-cornered hats are pretty easy to find at a costume store. If you don't sew much, you can fake one from items picked up at a thrift store--something I've done several times. Get a good picture and start picking apart the elements of the costume and imagining items that would work in their place. Those colonial style shirts can be found in the women's or girls section as can leggings (but call them "breeches") and boots. Add the right jacket, maybe with a few details sewn on and some slight alteration and your store bought tri-corner hat and you've got it. We have a museum close by that has reproduction and fantasy swords and such for sale at good prices and there are some online sources as well. You may not want that for an 8yo or for any kid you think might actually *use* them or get carried away in play. Costume shop plastic swords might be better in that sense. You can find reproduction fake guns, too.

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