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October will be here before I know it...

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And, I've been TRYING, very unsuccessfully to come up with a name for our school for at least 6 months. Help please!


I don't want to use our name. I don't want it to be too cutesy. Obviously I'm not very creative, so I want it to be something that doesn't need to be changed and can be used on a high school diploma & transcript.


What do you need to know about us to come up with our perfect school name?


Here are some tidbits of info:


~ we move a lot, so a street/road doesn't really work

~ I don't really identify with any trees, except maybe maple (Canuck!)

~ we homeschool for family togetherness and academics, mostly


Feel free to ask for more info if needed.


Using a thesaurus for inspiration, about the only ones I can come up with is:


Roving Hearth & Home School (Academy? Institute?) or:

Roving Hearth Homeschool

Wandering Sage School (Academy?)


I'm so torn after reading the Academy vs. School vs. Institute debates from previous threads.

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We're pagan. So input from all (mostly us parents) came up with Alexander Enki. I liked Alexander as a throwback to the Alexandrian Library of Egypt. Dh and I both liked the Sumerian form of Enki in relation to creation and learning. I liked the sound of School of Free Learning. So we had the Alexander Enki School of Free Learning. Then I remembered the 80s show Family Ties and the son Alex P. Keaton. So we added a P. and realized we had the Alexander P. Enki School of Free Learning, or (as the sig says) A.P.E. School of Free Learning. Which worked well to me, especially as we had no issues with evolution. :lol:

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How about Sage Academy :) I think that looks really good. Also sounds good without sounding silly.... not associated with your name or whatever. If you do "School" I think more of "Sage Elementary" or whatever... which would be an issue eventually :) I do like the thought of a "middle name" for your academy. Just can't think of one. Personally, I think "wandering" or "roving" sounds kinda made up... Just my opinion. :) As a side note... our schools are Robert Frost and Mark Twain... and when you look them up... especially Robert Frost would be perfect for a Home School. He was hs and he petitioned to hs his kids... He didn't think that a bldg was a good place to learn :) (Einstein Academy anyone? :))

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We did move a lot, hence my boardname, but I still used the street name for our school. Why? I liked the name and it really didn't have to be associated with that street as there are other things with that name. So in our case, I used _______ Christian Academy. Only one of our children will really be graduated from that since the oldest has a diploma from Clonlara, an umbrella school, and the youngest will most likely have a diploma from the church school she is enrolled with (a requirement for homeschooling in Alabama).

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