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Ok, now where do I go

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Boy am I glad I asked! http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=402210 So, has anyone set anything up for middle schoolers? We can use the free public online school (don't bash me for this) in order for all the kids to be on the same page, and then I'd want some extras like labs, technology, arts, field trips. Should we try to hire someone? I do know a few homeschoolers and we all have other kids we're also homeschooling. Any ideas?

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Not sure if you remember me, but our kids are the exact same ages. Did you decide to keep them home for middle school? Does the online program have labs and art as part of their classes? I wouldn't hire anyone, but do you have a homeschool enrichment center nearby? Co-op? Our art museum actually has art classes...so do those little art studios around town. My daughter took pottery at an art studio last year. This year might be a good year to start a musical instrument. I need to get going on that, too.


And, I wouldn't bash you for using an online school. We're probably going to use Kolbe Academy for high school. *shrug*

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Hey, ya I do remember pm'ing with you I think? But I do remember your name and that your kids are the same age as mine.


I shared the thread with my son. I talked with him one-on-one and told him my concerns. Then I told him that I asked you guys here for your opinion and had him read and skim some responses. He was shocked. We talked about our end goals of him growing up to be a decent, responsible young man and how going to that kind of environment wouldn't seem like sending down the right road.


He is on board with me now but SO MUCH doesn't want to homeschool in the home with his younger sisters. He's going crazy. I need to keep him busy and I wasn't good at that last year. This is where I need help.


One other family is ready to pool my and her son together and to include Arabic and Islamic Studies in the day. I don't know how to find any enrichment centers or co-ops or anything. Do I just google this stuff?

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